Thematic Area
The project Titled as Support Fund for Afghan NGOs (SFAN) Capacity Building of Young CSOs (Civil Society organisation) in Parwan Province
Overall Goal: The overall goal of the project is to support the global awareness by building the capacity of CSOs through on the job training in Parwan.                                                    

Formal  Education
On Going Projects
Police Cooperation Project - Komponent 1: literacy Unit
Support Fund for Afghan NGOs (SFAN)
The GIZ-PCP (Police cooperation project) is funded by The GIZ, has been started an under implement autonomous in Kabul province for 7 months starting from April 13th 2016 and ending November 10th 2016. By Basic Education and Employable Skill Training (BEST)
Non-formal Education
Teacher Training and capacity building 
Vocational Education and Training (VET) / Skill Training
Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
Access to Justice
Elimination of violence against women

Human Rights/Women Rights/Child Rights

CSOs Capacity Building

Nangrahar Office
Kabul Office
Kunduz Office
Paktia Office
Our Donors

BEST Introduction:
BEST (Basic Education and Employable Skill Training) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and  development oriented organization established on 27th of April 2001 and  registered with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Economy NGOs. The Organization has a regional coverage through undertaking various Educational (Legal Rights, Human Rights, Teacher Training, Non Formal, Catch-up, Vocational ) Awareness Raising (Legal Rights, Advocacy, Women Rights, Support to Electoral Process,
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Address Kabul Office:
Khushal Khan Maina, Dist # 5, Part B, Spin Kalay Square, Imam Raza Mosque Street, House#11, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Telephone: +93 (0) -700-606 463,
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Nangrahar Office:

Garnezon Ahmad Ali Mina 2nd Street House # 9
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