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Formal  Education
Non-formal Education
Teacher Training and capacity building 
Vocational Education and Training (VET) / Skill Training
Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
Access to Justice
Elimination of violence against women

Human Rights/Women Rights/Child Rights

CSOs Capacity Building

The GIZ-PCP (Police cooperation project) is funded by The GIZ, has been started an under implement autonomous in Kabul province for 7 months starting from April 13th 2016 and ending November 10th 2016. By Basic Education and Employable Skill Training (BEST)

The following topics covered during the trainings

1-    Environment protection
-    Concept of environment protection,
-    Defination of environment protection.
-    Types of environment protection.
-    Elements and impotance of environment protection.
-    Importance or environment protection from the point of Islam
-    Importance or environment protection from the point of Law
-    Rrole of police regarding environment protection
-    Rrole of community regarding envirnment protection.
-    Negative impact of bad envirnment

2-    Personal health care:
-    Concept of personal health care
-    Importance of personal healthcare point of Islam
-    Types of personal health care
-    Individaul and social health care
-    Communicable diseases and thier prvention

Police Cooperation Project - Komponent 1: literacy Unit